Amitoos Cold Storage Software is written for Cold Storage but it can fulfill all the requirement of businesses which store products of party on their space and charge an amount & charges from party.

User of software will have an option to maintain their own inventory by sales & purchase forms. There is a loan & markup module integrated with software so the user can allow money to their parties as per their stored products cost with markup percentage.

Silent Feature:-

  • The main features of Cold Storage Software are as follows:
  • Providing quantitative intake of produce at the packing or cold storage facility
  • Managing cold storage, including location, at an expanded level
  • Moving the fruit between various warehouse locations
  • Determining pricing and price lists for storage agreements
  • Reporting on storage fees
  • Categorizing fruit according to quality, kind, type, size
  • Managing rooms and storehouses
  • Generating computerized certificates for receiving fruit from the grower, pallet certificates (sorting results), and shipping documents